“During 2013, I was commissioned by the Bowery Gallery in Leeds to produce a new body of work to be exhibited as a solo exhibition in the gallery. 

Further to the ‘Fragments’ and ‘Life Lines’ series, I began to work on a larger scale and consider how the pieces in space. 

I produced 10 new pieces which formed the basis of a drawing installation exhibited in the gallery during 2014.

The installation offered a different way for an audience to engage with my work and I documented viewers responses throughout the exhibition.”

“Interesting finding the figures in each piece.” – R. Joad.

“Absolutely beautiful, so clever, like a cryptic crossword for the eyes!” – L Reed.

“Interesting both in close up and when standing back. I love the stitched lines and apparent randomness of the work which offers the viewer form and meaning.” – K. Bate.

During 2015 the Traces series also formed part of Stewart’s Bodyworks solo exhibition at Bankley Studios & Gallery in Manchester. In addition, Stewart exhibited the Traces series  as a solo exhibition at Hand & Lock in London during 2016.