Face to Face

“The ‘Face to Face’ series was completed between 2015 and 2017. There are eleven works in this series.

This series of works developed from my previous projects ‘Fragments’, ‘Life Lines’ and ‘Traces’. These projects focused on an abstract interpretation of the human form. However, the ‘Face to Face’ series is intentionally more figurative and confrontational in its appearance. It was also an opportunity to explore colour.

The pieces were constructed is several stages. Initially, I made several observational studies of faces from life using ink on paper. I then cut out all the faces and began to arrange them in the form of a collage. Finally, I machine stitched over the surface in order enhance lines and blend colours.

The work explores the correlation between process and subject matter. I was interested in creating a series of works which are neither exclusively drawings or textiles. The pieces are ambiguous in both the process and subject matter.

My work often reflects events in my own life, and I have been fortunate to exhibit these works around the World. To date these pieces have been shown in the UK, Ukraine, Slovak Republic, USA, Canada and China. The ‘Face to Face’ project has enabled me to meet and connect with artists, authors and curators around the World.”