Life Lines

“Following the completion of the ‘Fragments’ series, I began to work on a new body of work which formed the basis of a new touring solo exhibition. The ‘Life Lines’ project consists of a series of small intimate works.

Similar to the ‘Fragments’ series, figure drawing provided a starting point for the project. However, instead of using a viewfinder, I began by cutting figure drawings into strips and weaving two images together.

I was interested in seeing how two images corresponded and overlapping lines formed a new images. During this creative process, the figures are transformed. They lose some of their physical appearance and take on a more conceptual nature. 

The ‘Life Lines’ series were shown along with the ‘Fragments’ series in several solo exhibitions at the Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester; The Beetroot Tree, Derbyshire; the Turnpike Gallery, Lancashire and the Unity Theatre, Liverpool. In addition the ‘Life Lines’ series were shown in group exhibitions.”