Face to Face

“The ‘Face to Face’ series was completed between 2015 and 2017. There are eleven works in this series. This series of works developed from my previous projects ‘Fragments’, ‘Life Lines’ and ‘Traces’. These projects focused on an abstract interpretation of the human form. However, the ‘Face to Face’ series is intentionally more figurative and confrontational […]


“During 2013, I was commissioned by the Bowery Gallery in Leeds to produce a new body of work to be exhibited as a solo exhibition in the gallery.  Further to the ‘Fragments’ and ‘Life Lines’ series, I began to work on a larger scale and consider how the pieces in space.  I produced 10 new […]

Life Lines

“Following the completion of the ‘Fragments’ series, I began to work on a new body of work which formed the basis of a new touring solo exhibition. The ‘Life Lines’ project consists of a series of small intimate works. Similar to the ‘Fragments’ series, figure drawing provided a starting point for the project. However, instead […]


“The ‘Fragments’ series marked a new successful period in exhibiting my work. Following my studies, I returned to exclusively drawing for a period of time. I felt the primacy of drawing would encourage me to return to something basic and familiar. In addition, I began to attend an open printmaking studio in order to study […]