Life In Motion

“Stitch can be metamorphic; it can be transitional both physically and conceptually. Cloth and stitch can seem at times to be as one entity, one invisible world of meaning, a harmony of direction and experience. At others, it can seem more like a struggle with identity, an uncomfortable alliance between opposites, both demanding to go their own mutually exclusive directions, their pathways being in no way linked.” – John Hopper, The Art of Stitch, 2016.

During 2020, Stewart will embark on his most ambitious project to date.

Stewart is a contemporary artist who uses traditional techniques. His current interests include exploring the possibilities of combining drawing, hand and machine embroidery with digital drawing, imaging, printing and embroidery.

The project will focus on the fusion of analogue and digital media within the context of Stewart’s creative ideas. Stewart will explore the correlation between process as a metaphor and subject matter in order to produce a body of work which embodies the space between drawing and textiles.

“I want to create a body of work which consolidates many of the ideas I have explored over the previous twenty years. I aim to connect with people in many different ways through live drawing, performance stitching and residencies. The work I produce will be colourful, joyous, uplifting and ebullient… a celebration of life.”