Life in Motion

“The development of a personal language through drawing, as a vehicle to convey meaning and ideas, has remained central to my practice. Through drawing, I endeavour to express the frailties of life and the human condition.

I make observational drawings in response to the figure. I work intuitively to create expressive drawings which aim to capture the subtleties found in both gesture and movement. I record my responses spontaneously, focusing almost entirely on the subject, unaware of the image evolving on the paper. As the lines accumulate and overlap, the image becomes abstracted. The figures become less recognizable almost camouflaged amongst the multitude of lines.

The layering of marks is a way of building and reflecting on experience. I work intuitively to create expressive drawings which aim to capture the subtleties found in both gesture and movement. Each mark is unique and documents a moment in time, my observations and responses are distilled into line.

In addition, I believe the quality and range of marks encourages the viewer to reflect upon the complexities and expressions found within the spectrum of human nature.”