“The ‘Fragments’ series marked a new successful period in exhibiting my work.

Following my studies, I returned to exclusively drawing for a period of time. I felt the primacy of drawing would encourage me to return to something basic and familiar.

In addition, I began to attend an open printmaking studio in order to study collagraph and etching.

During 2008, I joined Bankley Studios & Gallery in Manchester. Acquiring a studio offered my practice a renewed focus. I took with me the wealth of drawing and print material I had produced during the previous couple of years. I began to consider how I could relate this work to my textile practice.

I wanted to explore the human form as a theme, but not in a figurative sense, something more abstract.

Initially, I used a viewfinder to select small sections of drawings and prints. I later began to embellish these pieces with machine stitching focusing on the quality of line within the drawings. The resulting pieces are small portals in to drawings on paper and cloth, depicting aspects of the human form.”