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Man | Body | Fiber

Stewart has contributed towards the forthcoming publication Inspirational Plus – Man | Body | Fiber.

The publication consists of revealing interviews with 6 contemporary male fiber/textile artists regarding gender, personal perspective, and fiber/textiles.

The 6 artists include Anthony Stevens, Cos Ahmet, Joe Lewis, James Fox, Luke Haynes, Stewart Kelly, as well as full page, full colour imagery of their work.


Inspirational Plus – Man/Body/Fiber is an instant downloadable edition and can be purchased here.

The Art of Stitch

An illustrated essay The Art of Stitch by John Hopper featuring Stewart’s work is now available here.

Face to Face 2(Detail), Ink and Machine Embroidery on Paper.

“Stitch can be metamorphic; it can be transitional both physically and conceptually. Cloth and stitch can seem at times to be as one entity, one indivisible world of meaning, a harmony of direction and experience”, says John Hopper, in this very informed and authoritative piece of writing on the ‘Art of Stitch’, where he defines embroidery as a cutting edge art practice that can span a broad spectrum.