Echo Chamber

Stewart will be participating in the forthcoming exhibition, Echo Chamber at Bankley Studios & Gallery in conjunction with Manifest Arts Festival.

A studio can be a place where perceptions, incentives and other instruments of self censorship operate to become an echo chamber.

The exhibition reflects upon the artist’s studio as a space in which thoughts, ideas and beliefs reverberate. They are amplified by the repetition of rituals, processes and materials which artists define for themselves.


Each studio member has chosen an object from their studio that holds a special significance for them. An object, tool or a side product of studio practice that is never shown, offering us a new insight and different perspective into the studio practice of these artists.

In addition, the exhibition features new documentation and discourse from the artists illustrating the role of the studio and their practice.

Preview Date: Thursday 6th July, 7pm to 9pm
Exhibition Dates: 8th to 22nd July
Opening Times: Saturdays 12pm to 4pm
Open Studios: Saturday 8th July 12pm to 4pm